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Two years in office, PM Oli makes big claims, people not satisfied

  • Published on: February 19, 2020

  • By Our Reporter
    Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has boasted of his two years in office as the most successful term of any government.
    Addressing the House of Representatives on Saturday on the occasion of the completion of his two year in Office, PM Oli presented dozens of works which he argued in initiated to realise his dream of Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis.
    Addressing the House, PM Oli had claimed that the government was able to manage required resources, adjust employees, develop infrastructure and draft policies in each tier of the government for the effective implementation of fiscal federalism.
    “The government had the liability of implementing federalism but lacked enough resources; we have been able to manage that,” he said.
    “Last year was base year where we created strong foundation and this year is the beginning year of development,” he said.
    The Prime Minister viewed that completing two years successfully was an achievement for the government. “Completing two years amid unstable political scenario is an achievement; the way of working and planning of the stable government are different, mature and far-sighted,” he added.
    The PM said that Nepal Communist Party’s two year completion ended political instability which was a notable achievement.
    The Prime Minister said that 25 new and 55 existing laws were endorsed and 201 amendments were made to make the constitution acceptable.
    Oli claimed that the country was achieving rapid economic growth together with 10 other countries of the world.
    Boasting of the economic growth of 6.5 per cent the PM said that poverty has been reduced and people are not compelled to stay hungry since the current government took office.
    PM also said that all the states in the country had equal growth rates. “The growth is accelerating towards self-reliance and increasing domestic production too,” he added.
    According to him, the employment opportunities had also increased and the government was focusing on developing entrepreneurship and enough space given to the youths in the country.
    He also highlighted other works like expansion of bank branches, improved indices of Nepal, completion of Motihari-Amlekhgunj petroleum pipeline, progress made in the reconstruction of the houses damaged in 2015 earthquake and reconstruction and distribution of 869 local houses in Bara and Parsa districts destroyed by wind storm in his lengthy speech.
    Reiterating his zero tolerance towards corruption and irregularities, the Prime Minister said that persons found involved in such unethical activities would not be treated on the basis of their post, political access and position.
    He said that cases against a total of 795 firms and individuals found involved in revenue leakage, foreign exchange misuse, illegal hundi and fake bills had been registered in courts.
    He said that more than 300 bighas of public land registered in the name of individuals had been returned to the government in different districts of Terai and the registration of 110 ropanis of land in private names by creating fake tenants in project area of Upper Trisuli–A Hydropower project had also been annulled.
    He said that the government would focus on the development of long-term infrastructure projects including railways, tunnel ways, upgrading of highways into international standards in remaining three years’ term.
    Kerung-Kathmandu-Pokhara-Lumbini Railway, Rakshaul-Kathmandu Railway and East-West Railway would be in high priority of the government, he said.
    He said that works in Melamchi and Upper Tamakoshi Hydel Projects are moving ahead so as to complete them within this fiscal year.
    The Prime Minister mentioned South Asian Game, meaningful participation in different international forums, high level visits of world leaders, etc. as achievements of the country in last two years.
    He said that the government had identified the factors behind low capital expenditure and was working to address them.
    However, PM’s speech could not please the people as well as the Opposition parties as they have been witnessing various anomalies like the Lalita Niwas scam, wide-body aircraft scam and handing over of Gokarna resort to Yeti company.


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