• Saturday 28th March 2020

Enjoy above 214 thousand rupees worth benefit from NIC Asia bank account

  • Published on: February 20, 2020

  • Kathmandu, 20 February: It is not an odd that depositors are concerned about the bank interests. Nevertheless, NIC Asia Bank Ltd’s clients can enjoy more benefits than their expectations.

    Under the “New Super Chamatkarik Saving Account” scheme introduced by the Bank, its account holders can enjoy 30 astonishing benefits.

    Under the scheme, the client can enjoy minimum 50 thousand to maximum 214 thousand rupees worth benefit.

    Clients can get three attractive insurance benefits, two loan facility benefits and 25 other benefits.

    For example, if one will apply for 210 thousand worth insurance scheme, the Bank clients will get benefit worth 14 thousand rupees compared to the insurance premium outside.

    The Bank has provided insurance scheme worth 210 thousand rupees under the accident insurance, serious disease insurance and medical insurance.

    Accordingly, under the accidental death or totally disabled scheme, the client can get one million rupees worth insurance; for 18 serious diseases, the client can be benefited one million rupees worth insurance plus one hundred thousand rupees worth medical treatment facility.

    Under the medical insurance, expenses such as doctor’s fee, lab taste, medicine expenditure, among others upto 20 thousand rupees will be covered. Additional 80 thousand rupees the client can claim as hospital admission fee.

    Likewise, the client can enjoy two astonishing befits. The client will get discount opto 25 basis point on administration expenditure on small loan along with special discount on the interest rate. Under this scheme, if one client will take loan worth five million rupees, he can enjoy benefit worth 113 thousand rupees on loan and its interest.

    Besides, many other facilities that the clients can enjoy from the Bank.

    Swipe in, swipe out facility

    For the first time in Nepal, the Bank has introduced exclusively different and profitable swipe-in and swipe-out facility. This is a very special type of facility the Bank has introduced. Under this scheme, the client can enjoy the facility of a fixed depositor. Under this scheme, the client can enjoy upto 9.75 percent of interest rate.



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