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  • Published on: February 27, 2020

  • There is no remedy in hate. It only precedes a colossal breakdown. A hateful breakdown is more often than not violent. This is enough reason to mellow the rising political antagonism and bring immediate change. In the Nepali case, the premises of the political change wrought under the current system have been proven fallow. Antagonisms rise as the system proves itself unwieldy. A government with a near two-thirds majority in parliament continues its course as if oblivious to the public cacophony for change. This public impudence invites more hate. Communist parties recruited in populism have their classic hate points. Capitalists and bourgeoisie at home and imperialists and expansionists abroad are targeted for hate. A government claiming nearly a million in cadre strength with an anti-feudal history prides itself as having come fresh out of armed conflict now finds itself at the receiving end of wanton criticisms regarding systemic perversions that invite the lay public to re-target the hate campaign at itself. The looming probability that leadership control over a large section of a cadre raised on the efficacy of hate is waning suggests dangerous possibilities. For one, it can be redirected to party leadership, for another, the leadership can unleash this spearhead towards unfathomable directions for self-protection. Both these possibilities can invite societal disaster.
    The irony is that a politics of exclusion actively sustains the current politics. A dormant opposition is nudging the opposition politics away from parliament into the streets. The search for leadership is kept away from the system and, while the lack of optional leadership serves the political interests of those within the system, the lack of emergence of such fuels the turmoil. This can only mean direction-less turmoil since the hate campaign has many visible things to hate but can only attract more crowds on the streets targeting what they see to target. It is this that makes it possible to predict an approaching period of wanton dissatisfaction. When impudence is so visible and corruption so easy a target, inviting direction-less politics can only mean chaos. The chaos can be doubly dangerous in an environment that has eroded traditional law and order machinery as victim of that self-same impudent corruption. The machinery will breakdown under stress. And, so, an active population raised on the strength of hate is looking to channel its hate. What victims it will seek to overrun is yet any body’s guess. Individuals and actions in proximity to the system will not be enough to quench the hatred given the frequency of events and individuals. Scapegoats can be arranged; fall-guys propped up, but not for long. The understanding is that the people have been taken for a ride. The masses are in search for a credible option. Until such an option soon emerges, a period of turmoil approaches.


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