• Wednesday 1st April 2020

Oli-Nepal talks ends without conclusion

  • Published on: February 28, 2020

  • Kathmandu, 28 February: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and party leader Madhav Nepal held three-hour-long meeting at Baluatar this afternoon. The meeting was aimed at finding middle path in resolving the ongoing dispute between the Nepal Communist Party and government. However, the meeting ended without conclusion.

    Earlier this morning, party’s executive chairman Pushpakalmal Dahal’s group – Nepal, JN Khanal, Bamdev Goutam – had held a meeting at Dahal’s residence in Khumaltar to find a middle-path.

    The meeting had developed a proposal that the government should nominate Gautam as the NA member and Ubaraj Khatiwada would continue as the finance minister as well.

    However, during the meeting between Oli and Nepal, Oli discarded this proposal.

    Meanwhile, the PM’s foreign affairs advisor Rajan Bhattarai had remarked today that the government is not compelled to follow the party recommendation.

    These incidents have indicated that NCP has fallen into a deep crisis.

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