• Wednesday 1st April 2020

All Eyes on NCP

  • Published on: March 4, 2020

  • Assurances that the country has overcome the crisis period and can so proceed with the pursuance of prosperity has for a long been junked with the realization that a crisis of confidence envelopes the country. What puzzles the population is why propagandist activities should not be replaced by real work when there is nothing stopping the ruling party. The much called for stable majority in government at a time even exceeded the two thirds and a little movement on part of the party can muster that magic number again if it is to decide for a constitutional change as promised. Yet, the party can just allow that number to slip away in its meanderings in a parliament that is thoroughly in its stranglehold. The NCP until last year was complaining of how two party chairpersons can manage a single party and then, later, allowed one of the two to run the party while the other retained government. Then it took over two months to find itself a speaker in parliament from among its own ranks until which time the legislature ceased to function. This has yet to make possible the tabling of the Millennium Challenge Compact already signed by both the opposition Nepali Congress and the party’s own cabinet minister. Funnily government with its majority is not yet comfortable that its tabling the proposed bill (?) will get through parliament. Of a sudden government’s own anti-corruption revelations on the Baluatar Lalita Niwas land preoccupies a legislature dominated by government. Again, amidst the fuss, Gokul Banskota, Prime Minister K. P. Oli’s own Communication Minister retains parliamentary attention with revelations of upfront kickbacks sought by him for the purchase of a security press for government. Strangely, as with the MCC with the U.S., the French, German and Swiss governments appear all to have been approached. Somehow the ruling party is insisting that its hunger for party funds can squander international goodwill to the extent it has. Banskota’s latest sojourn into the realms of corruption would seem to have even awakened an opposition party accused of non-function. And, suddenly, as if parliament needed more dramatics, the party finds itself involved in a new controversy a if on purpose.
    From whence a recently re-accommodated Vice-Chairman, Bam Dev Gautam, should emerge to contend for a nominated Upper House seat is a perplexing ruling party issue. Gautam who accuses his leadership of costing him the last elections is said to have denied himself the offer unless his aspirations to be a prime minister will be fulfilled by a constitutional amendment allowing this. How the ruling party should be so affixed when
    Oli retains his majority in parliament shifts the focus on the NCP’s in-party politics where the debate has already been begun on how and whether Oli controls the party or vice versa. Among everything else, the confusion is further entangl3ed with talk of constitutional reform now jumping from Bam Dev to a presidential system of government. The dramatics continues leaving everyone guessing what else is to emerge after Prime Minister Oli emerges from his second kidney transplant.


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