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Misuse of taxpayers’ money

  • Published on: March 4, 2020

  • Misuse of taxpayers’ money

    Nepal Communist Party chairman Pushpakamal Dahal went to Sukute Beach along with his wife and daughter to take rest. It is okay, as he is also a human beings and he needs rest when he is tired.
    But, he flew from Kathmandu to Sukute in a helicopter. Dahal has no source of income to charter a helicopter even though the distance by road is just two hours’ drive from Kathmandu. Either the government or those businessmen who have exploited the government revenue must have paid for the helicopter charge!
    Therefore, it is called LOOTTANTRA!

    Real owner of Naya Patrika

    Naya Patrika is a strong critic of Prime Minister and NCP chairman KP Sharma Oli, however, the daily is very soft towards another chairman Pushpakamal Dahal!
    Some political activists, who are active in social media, have even challenged the daily to write something about Dahal if the editor has the courage!
    No, no, he has no courage, this Babbler saw it.

    Maharani Bidya Bhandari

    President Bidya Bhandari visited some districts in the Far Western Province. The local governments there announced a holiday and issued notice for compulsory presence of the government officials and school students to welcome the President.
    Furthermore, the President of a secular nation performed pooja at Hindu temples, which sound very surprising!
    After all, she is Maharani!

    Infrastructure tax

    To generate domestic fund to invest and construct infrastructural projects is a brilliant idea. It is a matter of pride that construction of such projects from local investment for a country like Nepal.
    When the previous tax amount collected to construct Budhi Gandaki hydropower project worth billions rupees has not been utilized, why has the government decided to increase the infrastructural tax from 5 rupees to 10 rupees?
    It would be appreciated if the government would have collected the amount as share for the general public, instead of tax!

    Shoe for Prachanda

    Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” commander of the “people’s war” faced a shoe at him on Sunday at a function in Kathmandu.
    The person throwing the shoe at Prachanda was Ratan Tirawa, 23, whose father was martyred in the “people’s war”.
    After listening to the lecture of Prachanda about class conflict, he was unable to control his anger and threw his shoe at Prachanda.
    Yes, beautiful and sweet dreams were distributed by the leaders to those innocent and poor people who fought and shed blood for the party. Their plight is the same but some leaders who can be counted in fingers, have become multi-billionaires and rulers in the country.
    Tirawa is the representative of those frustrated youths who are still struggling hard for their survival.


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