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Perversion of “loktantra”

  • Published on: March 4, 2020

  • By PR Pradhan

    There are many important works to be done by the government immediately. The most important duty of the government is to prevent and contain the nation from the deadly coronavirus epidemic. The World Health Organisation has already warned that Nepal is in a high risk zone of coronavirus outbreak.
    The government has not become serious on the possible outbreak of the deadly disease. There are not enough isolation wards in the hospitals and test kits, the equipment are not sufficient in quantity.
    If the people needed to stay in quarantine, there may be scarcity of life saving medicines, foods and other things as well. Has the government done necessary homework for these things?
    It is very odd to note, that by forgetting all these important and responsible works, the government and the ruling party leaders are engaged in conspiracy to finish each other and grasp power.
    Currently, Prime Minister and Nepal Communist Party (NCP) chairman KP Sharma Oli and another executive chairman of the very party, Pushpakamal Dahal are in a war to finish each other.
    Dahal, for the time being, has become successful to bring influential party leaders Madhav Nepal, JN Khanal and Bamdev Gautam in his group against Oli.
    Dahal played a game to bring Gautam in the National Assembly through a government nomination and paving the way for a nominated member becoming the PM even by amending the constitution. Nepal and Khanal supported the proposal.
    PM Oli, who has believed that Dahal was conspiring against him, denied to implement the Party secretariat decision of nominating Gautam as an NA member. PM Oli conveyed this message to the party’s senior leader Madhav Nepal saying that the cabinet has already decided to re-nominate Yubaraj Khatiwada as the NA member.
    The plan to amend the constitution was failed as the proposed taskforce members – Subhas Nembang and Khimlal Devkota – rejected the proposal of amendment of the constitution just for one person’s benefit.
    The existing constitution, with the spirit that only people’s elected federal parliament member is eligible to become the PM, has prohibited a National Assembly member to become the prime minister. However, Dahal is very consistent to amend the constitution even by killing the constitutional spirit. The ultimate plan is to make the PM weak and even topple down the government. In the plan of weakening Oli, Madhav Nepal and JN Khanal have also joined hands with him.
    Khanal, Gautam and Dahal have thus developed a strong alliance, however, Madhav Nepal is playing his own strategy.
    The equation in the NCP is that three leaders – Oli, Dahal and Nepal – have equal strength in the party, however, if two of them will develop an alliance, the third one will become weak. Until yesterday, Oli and Dahal were together and they have inked a pact to share the government and party. According to the agreement, Oli is said to be continuing to head the government for five years and Dahal would continue as the chairman until Oli completes his full tenure in the government. Under this agreement, Oli would support Dahal’s candidature to the post of the party chairman in the upcoming national convention of the party.
    Nepal is another candidate who is preparing for contesting elections to the post of party chairmanship in the upcoming party national convention. If Oli and Dahal will continue their alliance, it would be a difficult task to get victory for Nepal. Therefore, Nepal was seeking an opportunity to create a split between Oli and Dahal. This time, Nepal got the opportunity to do this.
    According to the constitutional spirit, a member, who has already been defeated in the election, should not be a member of the national assembly until completion of the ongoing tenure. Bamdev Gautam and Narayankaji Shrestha were the defeated candidates in the past election for member of the parliament. The NCP secretariat gave ticket to Shrestha and he won the election from Kaski district as the national assembly member, which was unethical. Again, the NCP secretariat has recommended the government to nominate Gautam in the remaining one post in the national assembly, which is also unethical.
    Furthermore, Dahal’s plan is to amend the constitution and make Gautam the candidate for the post of the PM. These are the perversion witnessed in this “loktantra”.
    As we are always saying that this “loktantra” is for the leaders, of the leaders and by the leaders, the leaders are driving the system as per their own wish is not surprising.
    Meanwhile, Oli is not different among the leaders in the ruling party. He has wished to re-nominate Yubaraj Khatiwada for the second time in the National Assembly. If the government will re-nominate Khatiwada, he will remain the NA member for next six years. Khatiwada is known to be the person who is always enjoying power in different capacities. The question is that why Oli needed to nominate Khatiwada again and again by discarding prominent UML leaders who have struggled hard for the party’s cause!
    It is contrary to state, that an experienced leader like Nepal was found saying that both the party and the government should function as per the rule of law! What is rule of law in Nepal? Is Nepal following rule of law?


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