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Indian democracy stands exposed after Delhi’s planned violence

  • Published on: March 11, 2020

  • By NP Upadhyaya

    After witnessing the deadliest Delhi’s organized violence after the ghastly 1984 Sikh genocide, the newly appointed Indian Ambassador to Nepal Bijaya Mohan Quatra has arrived Kathmandu and, as is the practice and in the process which has already become a viceroyal habit, has already begun hinting Nepal’s signatories of the 12-point agreement of the year 2005-6 that he will not stomach anything that runs against the India’s core interests.
    Indians take Nepal as their fiefdom.
    This became evident the manner with which Ambassador Kwatra began meeting Nepali leaders of the 12-point era in haste reminded us all that the days ahead shall be very unfortunate for the Chinese regime and the backers of China or for that matter the US, both in the political and the media sector.
    Many would not believe that a section of the those who have been opposing the US grant assistance, the MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation) in Nepal are being, claim high placed sources, told to do so by a dark and small chamber of the Indian establishment here.
    The US may not even imagine that such acts could have been planned by Indian regime in Nepal given the kind of “more than affectionate” relations that so happily subsists in between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Modi at the personal level.
    These opponents of the MCC have been taught by some invisible quarters in Kathmandu that the US wants to create troubles not only for China but India as well by being in Nepal.
    For the US, they claim, Nepal is the best place from where the US can destabilize both the “rising” powers in Asia-India and China.
    But how could the US antagonize India with whom it has too much sound relations which must have taken a new height after the completion of the US President Trump’s freshly concluded India visit?
    A highly excited President Trump must understand that India, the former ally of the now dissolved USSR can never be its friend in truest sense of the term as the US President must be told by some prominent South Asian leaders as to what India means to these countries?
    Coming to the new Indian Ambassador Binaya Mohan Katara, one fails to understand that why he was in such a hurry that he rushed to meet India’s trusted and tested allies of the India sponsored and engineered great Revolution of the year 2005-6?
    He should have first breathed fresh Oxygen freely available in Kathmandu valley as of now.
    This needs deep analysis. Look the persons Ambassador Kwatra has met immediately upon his landing in the new but undeclared protectorate that is Nepal, it is highly presumed by the Kathmandu’s political circuit.
    He met with Madhab Kumar Nepal. Mr. Nepal is the one who had forwarded an insulting proposal during early 1990s suggesting his UML party to “invite” Indian military in order to tame King Birendra.
    Later Madan Bhandari told Mr. Nepal that, “Good or bad, Birendra is our King…we can deal with him in a different manner and thus no need to invite foreign military forces”.
    He then met Sher Bahadur Deuba — the appendage of the Nepali Congress party as seen by his own party-leaders and cadres.
    Deuba is the one who “apologized” in front of PM Modi that he was unable to amend the Nepal Constitution as per the “instructions of New Delhi”.
    Deuba made this apology while as Nepal Prime Minister he had visited New Delhi. (The video clip is also available; we have been told).
    Late lady Minister Swaraj offered a sweltering Deuba with a glass of cold water while Deuba was apologizing.
    He also met the Nepali Foreign Minister, the elevated Pradip Kumar Gyawali who remains in a terrified state (observers claim) as and when he confronts the Indian Ministers or for that matter the ambassadors.
    But he is, let’s admit, a modest personality.
    This is only but natural say those who understand the Nepali politics and the process in which since the early 1950s, it is being handled by “alien” forces across the border.
    Ambassador Kwatra’s excitement and his alacrity in meeting the Indo-pendent Nepali leaders (better say the Shyam saran crafted Nepal damaging 12 point political animals) does hint that he is in a hurry to “materialize” to what Madame Indira Gandhi had envisioned for Nepal as back as in the early seventies which later had been subscribed by R.K Yadav — the retired RAW Chief.
    Mr. Yadav has said in his book that after the swallowing up of Sikkim, it was the turn of Nepal to annex and make it the new provincial state of the Indian Republic which herself came out of the British slavery in 1947.
    The British India company, if time allows, would do well if she makes a grand comeback and eats present day India like a New Year cake as she did it for centuries.
    The Mughals are also welcome if so they wish.
    Ambassador Quatra met all those whom India wants to lure and finally to seduce for the maximum benefits to the colony of the former British India Company.
    It appears that the new Indian envoy wants to “finish” the “unfinished” of Madame Indira Gandhi. Thanks Nepal has Lendhup Dorjes galore.
    For example, he met with the defense minister, the energy minister, the Vice president (who had a comfortably stint in NOIDA, Delhi during the fake people’s war days), and he apparently achieved in a day or two what India wants from Nepal.
    By the way, he must have sounded to all the leaders he met in quick succession that “Keep China and the USA at a distance” or else face the grave consequences as usual.
    However, the fact is that China is already here and has a grand presence in Nepal which India and its men in shade and in open also can’t terrify the emerging super power.
    The fact is also that the US and China, despite of the rivalry of its own kind amongst themselves, have intimate ties with each other meaning there by that both these two Supra Giants need each other to control the global politics.
    The ambassador at times while meeting the Nepali leaders, though India elevated, presented himself as the “boss” sent by Delhi to tame the ruling elites of Nepal which, if so, then must have reminded his hosts that they were all made by India, for India and thus have to work for India.
    Ambassador Quatra has arrived Kathmandu close on the heels of the “State Organized Delhi Violence” that rocked entire India to some extent and jolted the Indian Capital extensively to a scale and magnitude that the Hindu-Muslim great and grand divide has now become a permanent feature.
    Like it or not, the fact is that the minority Muslims now have got justification as to why Mohd. Ali Jinnah had advanced the theory of a separate Nation-State for the Muslims-that has now emerged as Pakistan finally and is in existence since seven decades.
    Now that the ambassador is just in town observing the skill on how to create sectarian violence so let’s carefully register and keep on record his activities in order to maintain cordiality and harmony of the Nepali nationals from East to West and North to South.
    Nepali Hindus live in harmony with the Christians and the Muslims and have lived for long sans any untoward incident(s) which is conversely a regular phenomenon in neighboring India.
    Before anything untoward incident happens in Nepal, Nepali authorities must warn modestly but very frankly the nearly “aggressive” ambassador to stay away from acts that foment troubles or sow seeds of conflict among the peaceful population of Nepal.
    The Nepalese nationals though would be watching his activities for sure.
    The Indian envoy is yet to meet in private some special leaders. The Nepali politics will take a different shape when he meets the special set of Nepali leaders.
    The horrifying Delhi Violence:
    The violence in North-east Delhi last month has “one sided”, well planned and “maximum damage has inflicted Muslim houses and shops with local support”, says a report prepared by Delhi Municipality Commission, writes Abhishek Dey March 5/2020.
    Reportedly, the Commission was constituted after a speech of Kapil Mishra made on February 23/2020.
    After Mishra’s speech, the Delhi violence took a nasty turn say New Delhi based academicians and media men.
    The Commission’s chairman was Zafrual Islam Khan and Kartar Singh Kochhar.
    In the meanwhile, an Indian-origin Labor Party member of British parliament Nadia Whittome announced her rejection of the words “clashes” or “protest” in reference to the recent wave of communal violence in Delhi.
    Whittome went on to say reports the Scroll.in, on March 6/2020 (updated) that the events represent “a continuation of sustained and systemic Hindutva violence waged on Muslims and many minority ethnic communities in India that is sanctioned by Modi’s BJP government.”
    Similarly, Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi said, writes HuffPost dated February 5/2020 that the mob violence in Delhi brought back memories of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and that the persecution of Indian Muslims was “utterly intolerable”.
    Tory MP Nusrat Ghani asked the minister to make sure the concerns of the MPs were relayed to Indian authorities, “including the brutality that seems to have been meted out by those who should be enforcing the law, which was covered recently by the BBC, the report said.
    Indian democracy stands exposed thus.
    The Wire reports March 2/2020 that the violence in India’s capital had been raised in both the houses of the UK Parliament last week and hundreds of people had protested outside the High Commission of India in London.
    As if this were not enough, Mr. Tariq Al Maeena for the Gulf News dated March 7/2020 writes, among others, ” Recent events in India have raised worldwide concern as the tempo of violence against the country’s 200 million Muslim minority by Hindu hooligans armed with swords and Guns has increased. So much so that the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), the largest organization of the Muslims world headquartered in Jeddah, an organization that had been quiet earlier had to make a very blunt statement”.
    The OIC condemnation reads, “In condemning the heinous events in Delhi which resulted in the deaths of dozens of innocent Muslim civilians and terming the riots as “anti-Muslim”, the OIC stated that it “condemns the recent and alarming violence against Muslims in India, resulting in the deaths and injuries of innocent people, and the arson and vandalism of Mosques and Muslims owned properties”.
    Doesn’t all these concerns raised by the Gulf News reminds one of the 1984 Sikh Genocide initiated by the State in Delhi and across India after the death of the then Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi?
    The Sikhs shall never forget this trauma.
    So the newly appointed Ambassador would do well in keeping himself in a position that is demanded of him as a senior Indian diplomat. Any extra smartness would be noted with care and attention which may not be good for his diplomatic health nor for the smooth functioning of the bilateral ties which have never remained pleasant, bluntly speaking.
    We stand for a better Nepal-India friendship that is based on equality. We will salute you Excellency Kwatra if you work in this regard. The otherwise shall not be tolerated by even a common Nepali national.
    Interestingly, the OIC’s condemnation call was soon followed by, as stated in the last issue of this paper, UN Rights Chief Michele Bachelet whose offices sought to join efforts challenging the legislation to Indi’s controversial citizenship amendment act (CAA) in the country’s highest court.
    Funny it would seem but the fact is that India’s fundamentalist foreign minister Mr. Shankar has criticized Mrs. Bachelet for her daring move to jolt the Indian judiciary.
    Shankar talks too much.
    Mr. Shankar is the one who had come to Nepal to “order” to halt the promulgation of the new Constitution because, India felt, it was not suiting to Indian preferences.
    The Indian preferences remain no longer a secret now.
    Speaking on Delhi’s organized violence, Shashi Tharoor of the Opposition Congress party lawmaker who is also a former Indian diplomat told parliament last month(February) that “In 1947, we had a partition of Indian soil, and in 2020 this government [under Modi] is giving us a partition of Indian soul.”
    To conclude with what the Swedish Professor of Peace and Conflict Research at the Uppsala University, Ashok Swain says in his March 4 Twit. He says, (sic), ” In India, you can’t criticize the President because he is Modi’s stooge, you can’t criticize the Prime Minister because he is Modi’ You can’t criticize HM (Home Minister) because he is Modi’s henchman, you can’t criticize Judges because it is judiciary; You can’t criticize the EC (Election Commission) because it is EC, so we criticize Rahul Gandhi.
    Professor Swain is of Indian Origin.
    In a lighter vein, Berozgar Ashok Gehlot in his Tweet dated March 4/2020 says (Sic), “India’s biggest Non Performing Asset is Prime Minister Modi.
    He is at best a liability for the entire nation, claims a sharp Modi critique in the Twitter.
    To add from Nepal, PM Modi is the South Asian burden/menace who needs to be shelved by Rahul Gandhi-sooner the better.
    Perhaps the Bangladeshi population too appear to subscribe to Nepal’s views and thus they hit the streets in Dhaka the other day chanting slogans that PM Modi was not welcome in Dhaka. Modi is scheduled to visit Dhaka on march 17/2020.
    To recall, for the creation of Bangladesh, Mrs. Indira Gandhi had played some special role it is widely believed in South Asian political circuit.
    And for the Road: This is the answer of Pakistani Hindus to Modi’s anti-Muslim citizenship acts writes Professor Ashok Swain quoting the Arab News Agency/Pakistan. “The Pakistani Hindus this Sunday marched in support of Muslim brethren who were affected by the riots in Delhi last month and announced they would celebrate this year’s Holi festival with sobriety as a protest against violence in India.
    Thanks the Hindus of Pakistan. We Nepali Hindus, including this scribe, value your concerns over fresh Delhi’s organized violence. That’s all.


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