• Wednesday 1st April 2020

Merchant of crisis

  • Published on: March 11, 2020

  • Merchant of crisis

    The entire world is shivering in terror of the COVID-19 outbreak and Nepal is not aloof from such a terror as well. It is sorry to state, that even during such a terror period, some businessmen are involved in black marketing of daily essential goods.
    There is shortage of surgery masks and sanitizers, however, we can get them by paying ten times more price. There is shortage of LPG cooking gas and sugar-salt etc which are daily consumable goods. Although the government organs are claiming that there is a huge stock of food items, shortage has been witnessed in the market. It seems, this is an end of humanity in the society!

    No need of media in “loktantra”

    Ministers are found giving lectures to media persons every time. We, the media persons, received more than enough lectures from outgoing minister Gokul Banskota. “Write this and don’t write this”, he instructed us. Now, DPM and defence minister Ishwor Pokhrel is found saying that this is “loktantra” and journalists have achieved everything, therefore, there is no need to write further!
    Yes, we understand, you mean don’t criticize the government!

    For your kind information

    The Nepal government is receiving 24 percent of revenue from different taxes, which is only 12 percent in India. What the taxpayers receive as service from the government when our budget for the general sector is higher than the revenue generated from the people! The general sector revenue we spend on salary and allowances of the civil servicemen as well as people’s representatives in the three layers of government. Is this which we get for our tax?


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