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Big bargaining!

  • Published on: March 18, 2020

  • Big bargaining!

    This Babbler was happy to see a report in a daily newspaper about the exploitation of some private English medium schools including Rato Bangla and Ullens taking fees upto 40 thousand rupees per month.
    Think about the fees, how many of us can afford such a huge amount every month? Who are the parents and how much is their earnings, this is a subject for investigation of the government, which is trying to curb money laundering and corruption!
    The daily had described that they were giving physical harassment to the students by carrying them to the schools in very old buses for hours.
    The government of the Comrades, who talk about “socialism” was supposed to punish those schools exploiting parents.
    This Babbler was expecting a follow-up story in the next day’s edition, but odd to note, there was a quarter-size front page advertisement published in the very weekly from the concerned schools!
    This is, perhaps, said to be daylight bargaining of the daily! How corporate houses run media are doing blackmailing, one can assume easily!

    Where is the government?

    How is the government preparing for combating coronavirus outbreak, it makes clear from the shortage of masks, sanitizers, cooking gas, salt and long queue in the petrol pumps also indicate how inefficient the government is!
    Why the government has failed to make available such items in the market when it is claiming that it holds enough stock and there is nothing to be worried about!

    What about online education?

    In foreign countries, considering coronavirus outbreak, the educational institutions have introduced online classes so that students would not have to go to schools.
    Nepal is among the high risk countries on coronavirus outbreak. If so, why our schools and colleges don’t start online classes to avoid the virus threat?

    Alcohol sanitizer!

    There is shortage of sanitizer in the market. People are buying sanitized products from the black market. Some local hospitals have developed sanitizers by using local alcohol. Alcohol contains spirits and it can be used to kill deadly virus. Great idea but if black marketers know this fact that alcohol can be used as sanitizer, overnight, alcohols could disappear from the market! Hurry up chronic drinkers, keep bottles as much you can on stock!


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