• Wednesday 1st April 2020

NIC ASIA Remit and Legal Remit develop partnership

  • Published on: March 18, 2020

  • By Our Reporter

    NIC Asia Remit Ltd and Lumbini Group Pvt Ltd have signed an agreement for remittance payment in Nepal.
    As per the agreement, any remittance money sent through the Legal Remit in Australia can be received from NIC Asia Remit immediately.
    Clients can receive payment from any of the NIC Bank’s branches all over the country. Likewise, the remittance amount can be deposited at any of the bank’s account.
    NIC Asia is providing all kind of banking services including remittance payment service from its 319 branches, 107 extension counters, 58 branchless banking service units and above nine thousand service assistants all over the country.


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