• Wednesday 1st April 2020


  • Published on: March 18, 2020

  • An environment anticipating change permeates the country. Prime Minister K. P. Oli is out of hospital after a kidney transplant which was said to have postponed many a crucial decision in government. Not just government, Oli went to hospital leaving undecided many an issue in his party. All eyes are now on Oli awaiting much pending decisions but nothing emanates from his quarters and his activities are concentrated on post-operative m measures. One official activity of international import was his two hour tele-conference with government leaders of SAARC. He has been meeting his alter-ego in the party Prachanda and close family and party friends. What makes this situation anticipating change is that it is thee party-men from whence the challenge to his party leadership and government emanates. Oli literally walked out of a central committee challenge to his authority, he refused to bow to its diktat. If anything, the repercussions are awaited and not just parleys.
    It is the reasons for this disobedience that are equally potent. Oli faces a house where the party is set to table changes in the constitution. Upper house nominees need adjustment and so his party would want to float Bam Dev Gautam while Oli has the finance minister to adjust in parliament. Minister Khatiwada was summarily reappointed to Finance after he had to vacate his seat in the upper house and the problem of parliamentary seat remains. So does the challenge from Bam Dev and, along with it, the challenge from his central committee. What is more, Oli’s is adamantly emerging from his ailment without a hint that he has an inch to spare in terms of sickness. Not surprisingly, the logic that the chief executive isn’t fit to carry on is being aired with a deaf ear. This adamancy, as mysterious as it is given the challenges from within the party, is close to defiance when it accompanies seemingly purposely floated rumors of constitutional arrangements with a presidency so far ‘ceremonious. Coming as this does with recently demonstrated charges of presidential ambitions, that mystery in the air is heavy indeed.
    Added to this is the flurry of activities elsewhere from parliament. Of a sudden champions of republicanism are saying that the federation and secular state should once more take these sensitive topics to a referendum. Of a sudden the RPP is suddenly one with a determined emphasis to change the change brought in by the new constitution. Strangely, this unique three chairmen unity has taken to sweep difference that triggered their separate ways under the carpet unresolved for the moment. Parliament is not missing these points of course but what they are missing is the piling government bills and the mounting corruption charges that none other than government must deal with. Government is mum. The state is stunned at this belligerence.


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