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Political parties engaged in fight to finish

  • Published on: March 19, 2020

  • By Our Political Analyst

    People are seriously worried from the COVID-19 outbreak. The USA has already announced a state of emergency. Europe is under quarantine and almost paralyzed. Day by day, coronavirus outbreak is expanding in more and more countries. The situation is beyond control of any of the countries. The number of dead people is increasing. All social and economic sectors have been paralyzed globally. Funny to note, what our political leaders are doing! Leaders in the ruling party, NCP, are engaged in capturing power in the party.
    On the day when Prime Minister and party chairman KP Sharma Oli was discharged from the hospital after undergoing a second kidney transplant operation, the party’s co-chairman Pushpakamal Dahal, Madhav Nepal and Bamdev Gautam were busy in holding meeting at Dahal’s residence in Khumaltar. The meeting was not held to discuss on the coronavirus outbreak and combating the deadly disease but that was for nomination of Bamdev Gautam to the National Assembly. The meeting decided to put pressure on the government to implement the party secretariat’s decision of nominating Gautam to the NA.
    This was an attempt to corner PM Oli and finally topple down the government constituted with the strength of two-thirds majority.
    The opposition camp in the party has even planned to fail the budget presented by the present government.
    PM Oli, on the other hand, is in a mood to discard the party decision. It seems, he is ready to take some unexpected and unpopular decisions if the party leaders develop a gang to finish him!
    For the time being, Oli is in rest and developing strategies to destroy Dahal’s camp in the party. For the time being, Oli is trying to break Madhav Nepal’s increasing closeness with Dahal and Gautam.
    If Oli’s present strategy will not work, Oli may take some unpopular decisions, even splitting the party, according to NCP insiders.
    The Nepali Congress, the main opposition party in the federal parliament, is not an exception as leaders have divided into two camps and they are not ready to compromise with each other.
    Party president Sher Bahadur Deuba wants to continue his hold in the party, whereas, the leaders in the other camp are trying to topple down Deuba. The party has already announced the national convention date, which is taking place after one year. The present conflict among the NC leaders is for capturing power from the upcoming national convention.
    Nevertheless, the Deuba camp is strong as Deuba is unopposed leader in this camp. On the other hand, there has been seen different camps led by party leaders Shashank Koirala, Sekhar Koirala, Ramchandra Poudel, Krishna Shitaula, among others. Although this camp has announced that they will give a common party president’s candidate to defeat Deuba, who will be the common candidate, it is not clear. Shashank Koirala, presently general secretary of the NC, is preparing grounds to contest election. His cousin Sekhar Koirala has already started his election campaign. Due to his age factor, Sekhar has felt that this is the last opportunity for him to become the party president. He is busy in visiting different districts to bag support for him. Ramchandra Poudel, who has always been used by the Koirala family, has not given up his wish to become the candidate from the anti-establishment camp.
    Krishna Shitaula, who is leading a small group in the NC, is in a bargaining position for some seats from his side. He is found playing a double role. Finally if one candidate will be fixed from the Koirala family, in that case, Shitaula may come to support Deuba. Likewise, Poudel, a sufferer in the party, may go to the Deuba camp on the last hours.
    The Hindu connection:
    Always, we have witnessed the Indian government’s role in influencing NC’s party election. In Delhi, there is dominance of the Hindu government. Therefore, to bag support of the Indian government, Ramchandra Poudel and Shashank Koirala visited India and held meetings with the Hindu leaders in the government.
    Shekhar is already in favour of adopting a Hindu agenda.
    So far, Deuba is reluctant on Hindu religion. Krishna Shitaula, who was close to the Indian Congress establishment, is now no more an Indian confidante.
    Among the NC candidates to the post of party president, who is going to bag the Indian support, that has not been made clear yet.
    Be that as it may, NC leaders too are not serious on coronavirus out break and its humanitarian, social and economic impacts.


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