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Adventurers Nepalis!

  • Published on: March 24, 2020


    Adventurers Nepalis!

    On the first day of total lockdown in Kathmandu, people were seen in the streets for morning walks in spite of the government circular to stay at home during the lockdown period. They might be taking trial of the government on whether they would be punished or not!

    In Doha, just recently, when the Qatar government had announced a lockdown, some Nepalis were seen in the streets and they were deported to Kathmandu. Imagine, how costly the adventure became for them!

    When we go to Singapore, we don’t throw wastages in streets or public places. It is because, the fine is very high. When we return home, we chose to throw dirty things in streets as there is no such strong mechanism of punishment!

    Really, we are adventurers!

     Ineffective self-quarantine

    Earlier to imposing a total lockdown, the government had announced semi-lockdown for two days urging the people to halt their business except from some essential services.

    Nobody listened to the government. Shops were opened and people were mingling with each other by violating the government instruction on the corona virus alert.

    Perhaps, the government saw a serious threat on the people’s health and a total lockdown has been imposed to curb the corona virus outbreak!

    Nepali attitude!

    We, since our childhood, have learnt the education of pelting stones, burning tires in streets, breaking street railings and such things which all are destructive.

    Those, who taught us to do so, they are in the government now. As we have been tutored for such activities for demolishing everything in the name of protesting against the government, we, the Nepalis have negative attitude always. Therefore, we try to violate the law every time!

    Knowing importance of digital cash

    Finally, the Nepal Rastra Bank has understood the importance of digital cash and encouraged the people to use digital cash instead of paper currency. The central bank, only after the corona virus outbreak globally, took such a decision. Otherwise, it had discouraged the use of digital cash by fixing a limited transaction of such cash.

    In fact, the nation spends billions of rupees worth foreign currency while printing paper money every year. Through the use of digital cash, the government would save foreign currency at a significant level!


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